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Now we will
introduce you some of the farm animals, Tahti dog and Kyllikki chicken. You can
find out more about our other animals here via our blog. We have own page for
all the animals and clicking on the title of the page (type of the animal) you will
find more information about our dear friends.
” Wuf wuf, my
name is Tahti. I was born in 2015 and soon I will turn to 5 years old. I’m the
shepherd-line border collie.
My human friends say that I’m smart, but sometimes a little duffer. At work I
want to be really, really accurate and I always try to anticipate things.
Sometimes my speed does not slow down easily, and then there will be enough
extra hurry. Kind I am, and when asked to calm down, then yes, I calm down.
Things should be done so carefully, nothing should be left out of
consideration, which place should be, what if even one calf goes in the wrong
direction and and and… though and what.
When I’m
not working, I can say that I’m pretty calm. I like kids very much, those
lovely little people, miniatures of the adults. No matter of the age of kids ,
I am happy to quote my toys even to those little babies who are sitting in
their place
When I´m
not working, the best thing to do with me is the play. Ball, oh heavenly
wonderful ball! Why don’t people understand that it’s the best thing in the
world when you get a four-stroke bow, bring it back and go after it when
someone throws it? I’m not bored with running the ball and returning it to a
human friend. People sometimes get bored, even if I had picked up the ball tens
of times. The ball is one of the best inventions of man, is it the inventor who
has received a prize? If not, at least he should get, I think. Something like a
spherical shaped statue would be a good prize. Or a chewing bone!
So, then,
there are those people who run after the ball, on the big green field and try
to kick the ball into such a cage system. Why should you give up that ball?
Sometimes when the box (you might be right by the name of the television) shows
running after the ball, is it football now, I look desperate when people give
up the ball and kick it away !!! No, nooo,  not about, I could jump there into the box and
retrieve the ball when it is about to be abandoned. Oh boy how different we dogs
and human really are.

I also have
dog friends, too, check their names and photos on
When you visit
our farm, please come to say hi to me.”

Summer is here soon! I love to run in the grass.
I+m Tahti and my friend on the right side of me is Loru.

“Me and my flock of chickens came to the farm in June 2018. Me, Kyllikki, I am parasitic equal domestic chicken and chicken flock´s leader. Well, let´s say that I might not be the strongest and a real leader but I surely can keep the disciples for younger chicks. Our flock is quite big, there are currently 9 chickens and 6 roosters and 2 babies.
Other chickens whine me because I am so curious. They say there’s no need
to put the beak in every place. If not, how 
to know what´s happening. Baceause of the curiosity, I know what’s going
on here on the farm. Sometimes there is a terrible hassle on the farm, people
runs here and there, they have a lot of things to do. And then the dogs, Tahti
and Loru and the other guys, run and shepherd. More speed for the dogs will be
if someone throws a ball at it. Oh, no, I wouldn’t go after the ball, but under
the ball, I’ll get away.
Then we have Paavo rooster … <3 Paavo is so wonderful, a real
gentleman! We have a special place with Paavo, where we are cuddling and
talking, in a roost at the barn doorway. There we spend time together and just
look around the farm. The rest of the flock does not often sit there in a
roost, our special place.
Sometimes when I get bored, I may tease the farm dogs. To have some fun
with the chickens, and the runners behind the ball, Tahti and Loru dogs are a
great target for a little bit of fun. But we are all friends at the end. Farm
life is easy and comfortable.”

I´m Kyllikki, nice looking chick, don´t You think? 🙂

Paavo rooster with Kaneli and boys Zorro & Kapteeni (Captain).

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