Hiidenniemi Farm had a busy summer. We want to share the summer memoirs to everyone’s delight. Construction were made eg. as for the summer kitchen, the barn has been refurbished and cast new ground. New animals also came to the farm during the summer: the ducklings hatched and the chickens hatched variably and the peacock brothers Arttu and Perttu moved to the farm. Read more about these rooster boys and other farm news!
Just like it´s said, summer is over sooner than it comes, every year. This was the case this year too, and especially for us in the farm, when it feels like we spring here and there in a hurry all summer long. The farm prepares for the opening of the animal yard with many jobs, construction and repairs. The opening ceremony will take place in the spring of 2020. The animals have already become a little familiar to visitors in small groups. Guests who have spent their holidays in Hiidenniemi log homes or in the other cottages in the area have been visiting us.  Ali-pony has been working already, when the smallest visitors have been caring and riding with him. Border Collie dogs Tahti and Loru have been in their element to showcase their herding skills. Peacock boys Arttu and Perttu are always a delight in all their magnificence. We have a top animal gang here, just like our people, too!

Highway 4H club

 In the early summer four sheep moved to the farm. We call them “4H clubbers” Hippa, Hipsu, Hienohelma and Harakka. This quad is captivating and will surely melt our visitors’ hearts. The sheeps traveled a long distance in a van, safe but sure very exciting for them. It was a hot day when we drove to the farm late at night with the quad and arrived at night at their new home. The sheep must have been wondering about the new scents and the environment, even when the lights were off all over the farm! The sheep must have been wondering about the new scents and the environment, even when the lights were off all over the farm!

 Finnair and Lufthansa quacking each other in the yard
Two ducks of very different colors also moved to our farm. We named one Finnair and another Lufthansa. These are the real runners of the yard. Finnair arrives at the orchard “home for the evening”, the other runs a little running and past the gate..Lufthansa.

Rally peacocks Arttu ja Perttu

Indian blue coloured and full brothers, peacocks Arttu and Perttu moved to the farm during the Jyväskylä Rally in August. They came from northern part of finland, but we met with their breeder in Pieksämäki, a city near to us.Both boys are very curious and calm. They love to eat prunes, cottage cheese, uncooked mashed potatoes and salads. The REAL fitness diet for them :DThe boys like to watch farm outdoor activities from the window, this way it’s safe to see what other guys are up to.The chickens have also moved their barn out of the summer garden, so interesting conversations are heard. Roosters like to scream early in the morning, peacocks scream only when the lights are turned on.

We visited the milk dock – event called Maitolaituri!

This summer we visited with animals at the Maitolaituri (milk dock) event Kangasniemi. The animals received a landscaping and saw the world outside the farm. We will continue to visit different events in the future and this summer was a good exercise for our yard animals.

What is a data collar? How do dogs know how to shepherd? Many questions and amazement!

The first guests of the farm this summer were a Finnish-French retired couple with their Finnish grandchild. Visitors were most amazed by the cattle data collars that collect information on cows rearing and eating. Other topics of wonder were: how chickens get chicks and how a border collie can shepherd so well. Both children and adults run into something that, especially for urban people, is hardly ever encountered, and thus one cannot even think about it. We answer the exciting questions of the animal and rural world and so the worldview is expanding 😊

When winter comes, the animals get ready for bed earlier in the eveningWhen winter is coming, it can be seen in our animals. They also have an internal clock to get them to bed. Ducks seem to be happy to come back from the yard to the pens to sleep, and anyway, all the animals seem to be calmed down earlier and go to sleep.There are many ways to prepare the farm for the winter: the barn has been refurbished and the sheep sheds have been made, three factory-made horse pens have been assembled, the outdoor barn fence has been replaced with a chase animal fence and many other things, just name them. What a work! The forage harvest was already collected in July, and in September we worked with straw bales.
Sleigh rides in the end of the year
Starting on December 9th, our visitors will enjoy sleigh rides, but with the weather permitting, though: when it’s very icy or snowy, riding on a sled is neither comfortable nor safe for anyone on the sled or Nelli horse. When the weather is good, please book your sleigh ride well in advance for a smaller or larger groups. Reservations can be made directly by calling or emailing us or by visiting our partner Rock and Lake online store https://www.rockandlake.com/fi/varaa/aktiivilomat/56771Make a reservation soon, as sleigh rides have already been asked and many visitors are coming. Welcome to you too 😊Ali Pony can also be cared and riding with it is possible on Tuesdays and Fridays. Call and ask for more or book an activity directly from the online store https://www.rockandlake.com/en/booking/outdoor-activities-in-finland/56771#sthash.IecbPkON.dpbs

Oh, one more thing, we have a kitten, the sweetest in the world 😊 She is called Tiger “Tiikeri”, born in July 2019. Follow her and our other farm animal also on Instagram @hiidenniemi.farmi.

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