Miss Nelli, the horse maid, is beautiful and wise. Its gentle gaze tells you about her life experience and her peaceful mind. Nelli was born in 2008 and has been living on Hiidenniemi farm since January 2019. In the summer, Nelli likes to graze on pasture, eat enjoyable hay and chat to her pony friend Ali. In winter, Nelli’s sleigh ride is a must and something to experience when the weather permits and the farm has snow. During the summer season, Nelli takes guests to the farm and animal yard for a carriage ride, which is a great way to explore the farm’s surroundings. You can book a carriage ride and sleigh ride at your Rock and Lake partner store.

“I am Nelli, very self-aware and self-respecting but gentle mare animal. We have a nice and fun animal gang and staff, our own people, here on the farm. Ali, Shetland pony, is my best friend. Ali, that cute little pony! Ali has an important job at the farm, but so do I. I’m really proud when I can take our guests on carriage ride on summertime and sleigh ride in the winter. Do you know, many of people from foreign countries visit us may have never seen snow before, or have been sitting on a sleigh, that´s a real experience during the winter! Oh, you want to know what I like: well, running on the pasture, chatting and wondering our life with Ali and the people visiting us, of course! Please visit our animal yard on Saturday, June 13th, 2020. Me and all my animal friends are waiting for you, just like our friendly staff, too! Then, last but not least: when we have winter and snow are the ground, you can book a sleigh ride. You can make bookings directly from our homepage either by calling 045 8855 520 or by requesting an offer for your work team, friends or a smaller group. Welcome, I really want to meet you.”

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